Federal Cannabis Legalization News – September 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

Federal Cannabis Legalization News – September 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

Federal Cannabis Legalization News – September 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

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Jimmy Carter’s son smoked marijuana at the White House.

Seth Rogen says that you should smoke marijuana and watch movies in order to pass COVID -19..

Illinois has seriously disrupted their dispensary awarding process.

Mississippi, Arizona and South Dakota will vote on the cannabis policy in this election.

Nebraska is close to voting for medical marijuana, but semantics prevent it from happening.

You can also find more information about cannabis in September 2020.
Footnotes (Headlines for Google):
.Willie Nelson
: President Carter Discusses His Son’s Use of Marijuana at The White HouseSurvey
: 1 in 20 seniors Americans said they smoke marijuana regularly.81% Mississippians support medical cannabis, survey findings
Seth Rogen’s advice on ending COVID: “Smoke Weed and Watch Movies ‘
Police raid Oakland Church to seize Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms
GOP Congressman Will Vote “Yes” on Marijuana Legalization Bill, Despite ‘Reparations
ConcernsNebraska court challenges ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabisFinalist for dispensary licenses for marijuana also works at firm that grades applications
.Iowa Officials to Seek Federal Marijuana Exemption from DEA
Navy explains why it banned hemp shampoos and lotions for sailors
.Mississippi heads to a November vote
on medical cannabis legalizationIn the midst of Coronavirus, there are fewer banks that work with marijuana business clients. A federal report shows
Kamala Harris pledged that a Joe Biden Administration would decriminalize Marijuana
Congressional Lawmakers Ask Supreme Court To Hear Marijuana Lawsuit Against DEA
Nebraska medical marijuana supporters encourage you to give it another shot
.Under a new budget proposal
, Marijuana revenue would be removed from the Seattle-Area Sheriff’s Department.November Elections: The States Will Vote on Cannabis Legalization
Arizona Voters Are Unhappy About Prop 207, Recreational Marijuana Legalization
New poll shows Arizona voters are indifferent to this issueNew Jersey Governor Strives to Get The Vote for Marijuana Legalization Referendum
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman speaks out about legalizing recreational marijuana. He calls it “the right side ‘
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